Monday, February 21, 2011

Savings Week Jan 21st.

This week I've made several shopping trips because I just can't resist a good sale... although I have learned a few very important lessons.

1. Double check all coupons. I've made a few errors where I accidentally brought and tried to use 2 Manufacture coupons instead of a M+S coupon.

2. Don't buy something just because you have a coupon!

3. Try to make as few trips as possible.

This week my savings have included:
CVS (first time earning ECB)
Total Paid OOP: $13.91
Saved: $20.58
ECB: $2.99

Publix: (see above picture)
Total Paid OOP: $3.97
Saved: $13.16

Total OOP: $7.09
Saved: $14.38
Earned $5 Target Gift Card!

I need to learn to try to stick to as few stores as possible so I'm not running from one store to another to make purchases. I primarily buy all our groceries at the commissary but in the event I have multiple coupons I can use at Publix/Target or CVS, I will shop there.

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